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Patrick Warburton, Andy Dick, Rena Sofer, Elaine Hendrix

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ROCK SLYDE is a private detective. He’s a little more Frank Drebin than Philip Marlowe, but he backs down from no one. Times have changed, he has not. Often times brilliant, but most times slightly confused, Rock gets the job done. Times have been tough for business, but that all changes when a drunken femme fatale SARA LEE enters the office one evening. She has a simple task: someone is following her and she needs Rock to help her find the perpetrator. She will be taking up all of Rock’s time and paying him handsomely to do so.

Private Eye Movie Rock Slyde

In the business park where Rock’s office is located, a new fad religion has planted its seed. BART, the charismatic leader of The House of Bartology, has bullied and strong-armed all other tenants of the building to move out and give up their lease to him. He has succeeded except for one Rock Slyde.

Daily, Bart and his goons try to intimidate Rock. However, Rock doesn't budge. While Rock is on assignment with Sara Lee, Bart gets Rock's secretary (and only friend) JUDY BEE under his influence and ultimately under his religion.

After much resistance, Rock's feelings for Sara begin to feel more serious than the usual client-detective relationship. They both find common ground in the small things: ebay and Tuesday supermarket ads. However, Rock is torn apart when he finds out that Sara is a also a Bartologist...

Patrick Warburton as Rock Slyde

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Patrick Warburton
Andy Dick
Rena Sofer
Elaine Hendrix
Jaimie Alexander


Chris Dowling
Will Wallace
Milan Chakraborty
Josh Young
Jason Manns
John Wolk
JB Orecchia
Ed Odjana
Alexandre Lehmann
Scott V. Smith


Eric Roberts
Lea Thompson
Jason Alexander
Tom Bergeron
Brian "the Boz" Bosworth
Terry Chen
Jerry Cantrell
Guillermo Diaz
Billy Unger

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