New Naked Gun-esque comedy featuring Andy Dick
Premiered at the Feel Good Film Festival

Rock Slyde - film festival favorite

Detective spoof Rock Slyde on DVD


Rock Slyde has enjoyed a fun run in the film festival circuit, turning heads and winning awards.

Rock Slyde World Premier at the Feel Good Film Festival

The Feel Good Film Festival



The Feel Good Film Festival is a non-profit film showcase encouraging the development, production, and distribution of short or feature length films with happy endings, that make audiences laugh, and that capture the beauty of our world. Live-action or animation, comedies or romantic comedies, fiction or non-fiction and films with happy endings are submitted to the Feel Good Film Festival. The winning projects will be entertaining, optimistic, humorous, or heartwarming and leave the audience feeling good.

The Feel Good Film Festival is a film viewing experience for the entire family that encourages the development, production, and distribution of short or feature length films with positive themes, happy endings, that make audiences laugh, and that capture the beauty of our world.

Each film in the festival will receive a Feel Good Rating, which defines the projected age and maturity level of audience members.


Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema Rock Slyde World Premiere

Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema



Just a short drive up the mountain from Palm Springs, Hemet or Banning, you'll find the charming alpine village of Idyllwild; where summer breezes are filled with the fragrances of pine and cedar, and winter snows turn our quaint mountain village into a winter wonderland. 

Their Festival of cinema celebrates all categories of the film spectrum. Including hillarious private dick spoofs!


mammouth film festival Rock Slyde

Mammouth Film Festival



In 2009, MovieMaker magazine named Mammoth Film Festival to its list of Top 25 festivals in North America, recognizing MFF as a festival “rapidly growing in recognition and praise.” The 3rd Annual event was moved from November to December, and the festival continued to expand its offerings by adding two new competitive film groups: Green films, and Extreme Sports films. These additional genres not only represent a progressive niche for filmmakers, but also reflect the core values and qualities of the Mammoth area.

The festival continues to discover, recognize, and support filmmakers from around the world by introducing their work to audiences and entertainment industry executives. Conceived by film financier Meng King in 2006 as a venue to bridge art and commerce through film, the Mammoth Film Festival was officially founded and launched in 2007 by Mr. King and Andreas Wettstein. The main Feature Film Tournament, the first major film competition to be structured as an elimination-style tournament, reflects the competitive nature of the film industry, while also paying tribute to the importance of the audience in a film’s real world success.



Californina Independent film festival rock slyde comedy

California Independent Film Festival



The California Independent Film Festival (CAIFF) is one of the most successful and fastest growing film festivals in California. Since its inception in 1997, CAIFF has captured both national and worldwide press. This star-studded event provides both local Bay Area residents and visitors with an opportunity to see world-class films, meet filmmakers from around the world, international celebrities and build exposure for CAIFF corporate sponsors.


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