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Since its world premier at the Feel Good Film Festival in 2009, Rock Slyde has enjoyed rave reviews in the press. Below are just a few; click a logo to read more.

Film forager reviews Patrick Warburton in Rock Slyde

Film Forager
September 2010

"I really love Patrick Warburton..."

I know it's a bit weird, but I really love Patrick Warburton and will seek out his live-action roles with dedication. This can be tough since he does voice work more often and really rarely stars in anything. Enter Rock Slyde! Film-Noir Private Detective Parody starring this guy! All right! Newcomer Chris Dowling writes and directs this tale concerning the actually-named hero Rock Slyde (Warburton), who decides with a name like that he can only be a porn star or a PI...


Family Guy's Patrick Warburton on the Adam Carolla podcast

Patrick Warburton on the Adam Carolla Podcast
August 2010

Patrick Warburton ... talks about his new movie Rock Slyde, but quickly jumps into an anecdote about racing cars against Adam...


Funny movie review of Rock Slyde on On Screen and Beyond

On Screen and Beyond
August 2010

"'Patrick Warburton as Private Eye Rock Slyde, playing it to the hilt."

...ROCK SLYDE gives us Patrick Warburton as Private Eye Rock Slyde, playing it to the hilt. Warburton was made for this role. He plays it in his deadpan style and it works. Andy Dick plays the villian that Slyde is investigating for the femme fatale...


Reel Talk Movie Reviews loves Rock Slyde

Reel Talk Movie Reviews
August 2010

"'Fun Gumshoe Comedy"

...Warburton (Hoodwinked) puts just the right comic spin on his character...


Yahoo follows the futures of Seinfeld stars

Yahoo TV
July 2nd, 2010

"'Seinfeld': 20 Years Later"

Elaine's on-again, off-again indifferent boyfriend David Puddy was such a powerful, memorable character that it's hard to believe he was actually on only ten episodes. The auto mechanic with strong religious convictions often painted his body for New Jersey Devils' games and loved him some Arby's and high-fives. After the series ended, Patrick went on to have a very successful film and TV career, which has included voicing animated characters in "Buzz Lightyear of Star Command," "Kim Possible," and "Space Chimps"; appearing in several successful sitcoms, including "News Radio," "The Tick," "Less Than Perfect," and "Rules of Engagement"; and making the movies "The Dish" and "Get Smart." He's also been the voice of Joe Swanson on "Family Guy" for a decade and has two movies coming out this year, including "Rock Slyde" with Andy Dick and "Seinfeld" co-star Jason Alexander.


The Town Crier praises Rock Slyde's hilarious script

The Town Crier
January 14th, 2010

"The IFFC is a Hit"

"Quirky, independent, insouciant, irreverent, droll and plucky, the Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema’s (IIFC) official opening night film “Rock Slyde” was, like the festival’s first day, a hit with audiences.
A laugh-out-loud send-up of Hollywood, Scientology (Bartology in the film), and the film noir detective genre, “Rock Slyde” starts with what many big Hollywood films lack — a really good and very funny script. Before the screening, writer and director Chris Dowling explained that his challenge in shooting the film for $325,000 in 17 days was “finding a way to make something big that is not.” He succeeded..."


The Town Crier praises Rock Slyde's hilarious script

December 3rd, 2009

"Terre Haute"


" A well-attended showing of “Rock Slyde” here could benefit Terre Haute in a variety of ways.

The local screening of “Rock Slyde” — the tale of a brilliant but confused private eye (Warburton) entrenched in a turf war with a fledgling cult — could also foster interest in the plan by Chakraborty and friends to use Terre Haute as a movie setting. “The plan is to make people aware that we want to make a movie in Terre Haute next year,” he said..."



LA priemiere thinks Rock Slyde is a hit!

LA Premiere
October, 2009

"Beverly Hills Times (page 37)"

"Andy Dick and Patrick Warburton were in top comedic form on screen and in person at the LA premiere of the independant feature, Rock Slyde. The idea was created by the films director Chris Dowling's...."


The Hollywood Reporter

The Hollywood Reporter
July 20th, 2009

"Rock Slyde and FGFF"


" The Feel Good Film Festival kicks off off the opening night with "Rock Slyde.."



The Actors Reporter

The Actors Reporter
August 7th, 2009

"Interview with Rock Slyde stars"


Click to watch Desiree Anderson's interviews with the hillarious and quirky cast of Rock Slyde. A new independant comedy by Chris Dowling.


THe Dallas News loves "puddy's performance"

The Dallas News; Entertainment
April 4th, 2009

"Puddy in the House"


"Add Patrick Warburton to the list of visiting AFI notables. Live action or animation, the guy's been in everything from Bee Movie and Rules of Engagement to Family Guy and The Emperor's New Groove.

But he's forever etched in our minds from his Seinfeld appearances.."



THe Dallas News loves "puddy's performance"

The Dallas News; Scene and Heard
April 1st, 2009

"Seinfeld's Puddy at AFI"


"..The actor was in Dallas for two showings of his new film Rock Slyde (he plays Rock). Wednesday night, he showed up for dinner at Al Biernat's steakhouse with locally based friends. They occupied the big round table up front known as the Rock Star Booth..."


Andy Dick blogs on AFI

AFI Dallas Blog
March 11th, 2009

"Andy Dick blogs on AFI DALLAS"


"Andy Dick notes on his blog that he's looking forward to the premiere of 'Rock Slyde' at AFI Dallas......"



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